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While creating the Skipping Stones collection I was very conscious of the haptic qualities that jewelry offers. The gentle curves on the surfaces, the weight in the hand, like picking the perfect stone to skim across a lake or hold in your pocket. It’s these subtle differences that can make a person choose one over another. The sculptural process involved in something so simple is very rewarding for me.  In this case starting with a solid piece of material, methodically removing and shaping it until a piece feels just right.


As I worked on Skipping Stones, I began to add a particular form that didn’t make sense under the collection’s title so I defined these other pieces as plainly as what they are: Amphorae. The amphora is a vessel native to ancient Mediterranean society used for the storage and transport by sea of grain, olive oil and primarily wine. The amphora’s curiously conical shape was developed for stacking purposes onboard ships, to keep them from falling over from the water’s movement. The amphora is also used metaphorically to refer to the shape of a woman’s body as a vessel containing the ability to produce and hold life. In later ages the amphora was used ritually in the form of a funerary urn for a deceased female.


I see the two collections as a synthesis of both ancient and modern styles, embodying classicism and minimalism in a way that can appeal to many different personalities.

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